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Friday, May 25, 2007

What The Media Missed

The recent squabble between Rosie and Elizabeth on "The View" is all over the news. I haven't been able to watch a regular news program in the past day without hearing all about it. It's a little annoying because I couldn't care less about what Rosie and Elizabeth do or say.

I rarely watch The View because I don't have time and if I did I wouldn't spend it watching a bunch of women in a cat fight every day. But I did happen to tune in for a part of the episode that is in the news. I did see the heated argument but that isn't what stood out for me.

On that same episode the guest co-host set a stunning example of grace.

I do not know her name because I don't keep up with celebrities, but when the show began Rosie asked her how she was doing and mentioned that the last time she was on the show she had been going through a divorce. The lady said that she was doing well and was happy to be back with her husband.

That was good but then she shared the kicker....

She had initially filed for divorce because her husband had had an affair. After her last appearance on the show viewers had emailed her and encouraged her to give him another chance. One particular viewer wrote, "You're always talking about how God can heal and restore - do you really believe that or not". It gave her pause and she decided to forgive him. She said, "I wanted to see what it was like on the other side [of forgiveness]. I have no idea where the journey will take me, but I want to find out".

But that's not all....

She then showed a picture of her child with another small child and said, "So now I'm a step-mommy". The woman her husband had the affair with had his child. This woman was not only forgiving her husband's infidelity, but was also willingly accepting the child from that affair into her own family. She said they were in counseling 3 times a week and she felt they were going to make it.

I was blown away. Talk about amazing grace.


Brian Buriff said...

And all of this on "The View"...humm...a whole different "view"...

Layla (aka Barbara) said...


Amber, this is incredible on so many levels. Thanks for sharing it.

Gary Means said...

That made my morning. Thanks for sharing it.

Rosy is an oxygen thief.

David Cho said...

Would you rather see a bunch of men in a cat fight? LOL.

That is a stunning example of grace, and even though I hope the man gets what he deserves, I want to see how grace works out in this.

Dionna said...

I didn't know that. Thanks so much for sharing this.