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Monday, June 18, 2007

Am I The Only One?

I am normally not a TV person. There is really only one show on TV that I like well enough to not want to miss an episode - Criminal Minds. I suppose I like this show because it combines two things I find fascinating, psychology and criminology. I love that kind of stuff which is why my major was psychology and my minor criminology. If I had been younger (and smarter) I may have tried for a career as a profiler.

But there is another show that has caught my attention. Jericho became fascinating to me about the end of the season. I rarely caught an entire episode of it and really have no idea what was going on in the show other than someone had dropped a nuclear bomb on America and a little town called Jericho was trying to survive, but what I did manage to see intrigued me. I was bummed to find out that CBS canceled the show for next season. Apparently I was not alone. Fans of the show launched an all out effort the likes of which had not been seen before to rescue the show. And they had some success. I'm pleased to have read that July 6th CBS will rerun several episodes of the show at 9PM on Friday nights. Perfect! Now I can watch an entire episode and find out what is going on. Next season they will run a few more episodes (new apparently) and if the fan base grows, Jericho may return from the ashes.

Note* I will not be taking phone calls between 9 and 10 on Friday nights. Brian goes to bed at 9 but is always available for emergencies via his cell phone. ;)

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