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Friday, June 22, 2007

Clergy Perks

I found this post about clergy parking over at Dave's blog and have to agree with him about special privileges for pastors. I'm proud to say that our church does not have clergy parking. Well, not in a high profile "special" sense anyway. Our pastors park in the grass behind the building so to make for more room in our parking lot.

Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't be "proud" of that .... that's kind of like taking pride in our low status (i.e. I'm more holy because I sacrifice) isn't it. Although Brian and I rarely drive to church together (two too busy schedules) I park behind the church as well. It gives me a chance to drive my Jeep in the grass which is as close to off roading as I'm going to get. Some people think that's a real shame.

One thing that does bug me about our church's treatment of pastors is that several years ago they (I"m not sure who "they" are) decided that the pastors and their wives should have portraits made and hung in the narthex. I suppose I should be happy that they didn't want to actually hang us in the narthex (some churches have dreamed of that) but I still have a problem with walking into a church, any church, and seeing the pastors mug hung in a prominent place. In my opinion, t just sends a bad message. Frankly if I were church shopping and saw the pastor's portrait as soon as I walked in the door, I'd run and never return.

At the time this was being discussed I protested. I gave all my reasons for not wanting to go along with this. So did Brian. They compromised and decided place smaller pictures in frames on a table in the narthex rather than hanging larger ones on the wall. I think they just thought I didn't want to see my picture there because of my issues with body image and not liking the way I look. True, I do hate seeing my picture anywhere at all and that was a part of it, but it wasn't the main reason I didn't want to go along with this. To this day I hate that picture and all it stands for.

Oh well, at least we weren't hanged.

BTW, for anyone at my church who reads here, occasionally you will find the picture of me and Brian laying face down on that table. I know the person who does that but I'll never tell.


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I don't go to your church but have a funny feeling I know who turns the pics over.

I am glad they listened to you and did not to portraits. Pics is okay, our church office has pics of all the church leadership.

Just read Gary's blog, praying for his wife too.

David Cho said...

Yes, I would run fast if I saw a pastor's portrait. What's the point?

This is why I go to a church without a building. All these silly issues seem to out-weigh the benefits of having one.

Parking in the grass? Oh, that would never happen in the snooty Orange County.

David Cho said...

Amber this got me to think about church websites that prominently feature their pastors portraits. Church websites have a link to "staff" or "ministry team" which has pictures of staff members, and that is fine.

But I just dislike the pastor centric model. I don't think its in the Bible. Who was the pastor of the Galatian Church? Or the Roman Church? Or the Corinthian church?

dave said...

thanks for the mention.

Loved the thoughts on portraits...for awhile, there was a pic of me in the building...but in the bathroom(:...long story

on the church website...pastor's page..i decided to put my baby picture and an abstract art pic of me...www.3dff.com

How about church business cards with pastors color photo on it? I've seen that too many times.

keep up the good work

Brian Buriff said...

I thought about having an ice sculpture (carved with my image) in place at our 20th ministry anniversary celebration last month at church - but then the better part of me said NO! Just kidding...