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Friday, June 08, 2007

I HATE Fundraisers

I hate doing fundraisers for all of the following reasons:

  • I HATE asking people for money.

  • Fundraisers take SO much TIME and ENERGY that could otherwise be spent preparing for actual MINISTRY

  • It bothers me that people seem to need to get something back in order to give. Not all people - we have some VERY generous souls, but for the most part, it seems you've got to offer people something. Maybe they just like to see that we're "working" so as to "earn" money but for crying out loud, we ARE working our tails off just with ministry stuff. Most of the money we raise goes to the poor, very little of it is for our own expenses so I have to wonder when did the poor have to earn our care?

Why can't the "haves" just share with the "have nots"? Why can't people who follow Jesus just share of what they have with those who don't have much of anything?

Just my little rant.


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Don't get me started on this. At an un-named ministry I used to work for they have a separate "ministry" that caters to the extremely wealthy donors. They would put on elaborate events. (ie - it may include flying to a Naval Station and having a ride in an F-14 followed by three days at a luxury hotel with gourmet meals, gifts, entertainment, etc.).

Anyhow I get your point. Catering to the extremely wealthy in order to provoke them to give generously seemed ridiculous to me, but I guess its the norm. It bugs the snot out of me personally, but I guess you gotta do it to get the money to help those that don't even have food, water and medicine. Something is wrong with this world - or need to hear the gospel which to me, IS feeding the hungry etc.

David Cho said...

Wow, barbara, this is a "ministry" that does this? Dragging my jaw off the floor.