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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Have People

I've been marveling at God lately. Ya just never know what's around the bend with Him. I have an idea that I've been letting simmer to see what will come up and where it will go. The idea is to have a Rock Fest as a way to raise money for the backpacks for Pine Ridge. I was thinking we could have an all day Rock Fest at the Village Green, which is the center of our town. ( It is a popular place for folks to shop, drink coffee, and hang out on a nice summer day.) I wanted to include both Christian and non-Christian bands to include more people in the community and to rub shoulders with non-believers. I think it's good to do that.

Today I called the Parks and Recreation board to see if this would be possible and what I needed to do to make it happen and was told that it's not possible. They only use the Village Green for their own events. They already have a concert series that runs all summer. We could however rent part of another local park. In fact the entire park could be rented if we wanted to - and had the money. I thought about that and I'm not too inclined to go that route.

I was thinking about alternatives. We could have it at our church. I don't really want to go that route either - I really want it OUT of the church and in the community. But we do have the facility and it would be free. I was thinking we could pull in a flat-bed trailer for the stage and use our large parking lot for the Rock Fest. Would the church ever go for having non-Christian rock bands playing in the parking lot? I doubt it. I would hope they would see the reason why I want to do that, but I do doubt it. I mean, really, isn't hanging out with non-believers the way to reach them? I thought that was Jesus' approach. Even if they did go for it, I would take a lot of heat for it which would be OK. Not great but OK. If it was at the church we could also utilize our large kitchen and get food donated and have a grill going all day too. We could sell the food cheap and still make money and add to the fun. OK, this might be alright. Not really what I had in mind, but it could work.

Then tonight I mentioned it to two people at my church. One reminded me that we know the Mayor. A friend of ours is very close to the Mayor and is a big supporter of his. Maybe this friend could talk to the Mayor and persuade him to pull some strings (order it) that would allow us to use the Village Green.

So that option is back on the table. In fact, it's in process now. It's just a matter of waiting to see what happens.

The other person I mentioned my idea to said he know plenty of bands and told me that a local Christian "club" was his brain child and that he knows the guy who runs it and that he was sure we could do something there. OK, another great option. It probably wouldn't include non-Christians, but it could still work.

I had no idea that I was so well-connected. I had no idea that my friends knew people who could make things happen. Wow, I have people!

I'm not sure how this will all pan out. We have 3 options that I know of and perhaps others that I don't know of. I have a feeling it's going to be fun to watch this develop.

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Layla (aka Barbara) said...

WOW! I am excited. First of all what a GREAT idea and second - having connections that know the mayor...that would be so cool to have it in the original spot you wanted it!!!

Keep us posted.