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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Gonna Miss My Baby

Since Brian isn't posting on his blog much these days I suppose it's up to me to post Taser pics. Besides, I just got a new camera and want to try it out. Taser is not a willing subject and I'm not a skilled photographer so these were the best I could do.

I am really, really, really going to miss Taser while we're gone. I'll miss Jazz too but Jazz is not a cuddler. In fact Jazz doesn't like being touched much. She's far more independent. Taser is a smuggler. I can't sit on the couch without her in my lap and nuzzling her head under my chin. She's a real baby and a Mamma's girl despite what Brian would have you believe.


David Cho said...

How she's grown! You should repost her baby pics.

blahg...no, Journal said...

Affection for a wolf is gross. I just hope you and Brian don't "make out" with your dog like Tammi H.

Amber said...

Sorry to disappoint, but we do. Puppy kisses are the best. You should try it.