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Friday, July 06, 2007

Reasons To Be Happy

1. It's the last day in a very long work week. I did get someone to take one of my 18 hour shifts this week so I'm now down to my last shift in a 74 hour work week. (I was originally scheduled for 91 hours)

2. Jericho is back on TV tonight.

3. We have the freezer we bought for Pine Ridge and we just got word today that Matthew 25 Ministries has 8 pallets of product for us!

4. The new missionaries are doing a GREAT job at Pine Ridge. I talked to Shelly this week. They now have people coming up to take showers and have a "store" for the people to get what they need - for free. (that is what the "pallets" we bought are for) (Some of the people on the reservation do not have running water in their homes so they are showering at the church)

5. The kids at Pine Ridge are doing better than I've seen them in a while. One little boy called the missionary on Monday asking what time church was. She told him that it was Monday and that they didn't have church on Monday. He sighed , "OK... what about tomorrow?" I know that kid and he has been a real booger so I'm glad he is now wanting to be at church.

6. We got word too that it is possible we will be able to have Phayth do a rap concert in the center of the village and do some graffiti art on a wall in the village. This is way better than I had hoped for. I had requested a place down the road from the village but the missionary there is pushing for a spot right in the center of everything.

7. I get to go shooting with my son again on Sunday.

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Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Dang girl! Sounds like things are going good! I'm so glad to hear all of it! I would literally pass out if I had to work that many hours.

Very exciting about that little boy calling about church!!!