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Monday, July 02, 2007

Stories That Make Me Proud

One of the things I love about my church is that we have a number of people from other countries. Some of them have some amazing stories. One came over on a raft from Cuba risking his life for a chance at freedom. One is from England, a few from Germany, one from Mexico, one from the Philippines, one from Africa. Some came from a life of poverty. Some came illegally. All of them have their own story and I could sit and listen for hours.

David is a blogger friend from Korea who I've met online and known for a while. Please don't miss this post from him. It will make you appreciate some things about America that maybe you've not recognized.


David Cho said...

Thank you, Amber. I am so honored.

Brian Buriff said...

I can echo what Amber has said. David brings a fresh and insightful perspective.