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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Thanks to Jim over at Divine Nobodies for bringing this to my attention. I love it. I dare you watch it and not be moved. The thing that moves me is that this guy took a chance. He courageously put himself up there to be judged and risked his dream in the process.

I love that the one's who were the judges smirked and looked bored as if they couldn't wait for this to be over with - until they realized they were in the presence of someone who outshined them all. I love it when the mightly are humbled like that.

After watching it (and wiping tears) I thought about it and I wondered how many people are walking around with a beautiful gift that is not recognized because they never take the risk to shine.


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I felt the same way when I watched this a week or so ago, there are so many lessons in this one little video and Paul (the guy) you can just tell he truly is a humble, quite man who took a huge risk. Good stuff.

Jim's a great guy, I can't wait for his new book!

Gary Means said...

wow. I just watched it with my wife. Fortunately I had just worked out so I had a towel for my eyes.

Gary Means said...

I did a little more searching and watched him win, perform in NYC, and record his debut album. What an incredible story. I love the comments by the judges on the final show.