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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The 2007 Video


hallga77 said...


A good way to start my day.I like the way the converted widescreen makes everybody look like they lost weight.

Amber said...

yeah, we all look pretty good in this video eh? A lot of the pics are yours .... naturally. It was nice to have 3 good photographers on the trip. (you, Connie, and Cody) I had about 2000 pics from just you guys and me and it was hard to limit myself to the few I could pic for the slide show.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

This video is incredible!!! It really touched me. This year looks like it was very, very special to the kids. Unreal all those smiles! (loved the tooth-missing ones)

Who put it together? (I can tell who chose the music).

Those kids are so precious and so are each of you who went. I loved the way you painted the side of that building!!!

I linked to you today.

Amber said...

Barbara - yep, I chose the music ;) and put together the video. About the toothlessness - almost all of the kids and adults at Pine Ridge are missing teeth regardless of age. I'm not sure why that is but from the little ones through adulthood it seems people there are missing several teeth. They did have a blast this year - especially with the huge water gun fight! I've not had that much fun in ages.