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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's Goin' On

This is just going to be a endless ramble about what's been going on here for the last little bit. It is almost guaranteed to bore you to tears but it may get me posting again. Is that a good thing??

I've been working on Pine Ridge '08 stuff. It's amazing how this thing never ends but just continues to run on whether I'm ready or not. Just a few of the things I've been doing ...

  • Putting together picture CDs of the trip for the crew members

  • Making the trip video and burning copies for each crew member

  • Planning the "service" where we share with the congregation about our trip

  • Sending copies of the Picture CD and DVD of the video to the missionaries there.

  • Writing to the family on the Reservation that gave me a beautiful gift before we left

  • Contacting the local Neighborhood News to see about a free ad in the paper for the Backpack project

  • Contacting those from other states who want to help or want info about the Backpacks

  • Organizing our new "backpack room" where we will store and eventually pack the backpacks and school supplies

  • Collecting money and school supplies for next year. We are expanding to include the village of Wounded Knee and if we by chance get more money then we'll pick another village to get backpacks and school supplies.

  • Shopping for the backpacks/school supplies as money comes in. (Walmart is getting sick of me.)

  • Writing out Thank You notes for each donor.

  • Getting ready for the next Informational Meeting by putting together packets which means I have to ...

  • Estimate expenses for next year's trip

  • Write up a new booklet with all the info in it, and then print it out.

  • Print out all of the Team Member Information Forms and Emergency Medical Forms

  • Print out all of the labels for the folders that will contain the packets

  • Print out sample sponsor letters for each packet

  • Assemble the packets

  • And soon to be writing out checks to reimburse crew members for money not spent. (Brian has spent a good deal of time dealing with the bookkeeping - not a fun job)

Oh, and then there's Sunday School and my other job - the one that pays, that I have to go to.

Lest you think I'm complaining, I am not. I love it. Well, not the job that pays - but that one will not be around for much longer. And I'm thinking of ditching Sunday School too, but we'll see.

Brian's dad has also been in the hospital. Thankfully, he is out now and apparently doing better.

We've also been dealing with a bit of stress with our youngest son. He has a psycho ex-girlfriend who has been making threats. Think Fatal Attraction. No, actually I can't think of Fatal Attraction because visions of dead bunnies come to mind and I can't go there. In any case, it's been scary and stressful.

So one of these days I'll get back to regular blogging ...

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Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Can I take a nap now? Or better yet, just have a bit of your energy.

Pine Ridge is really a year long project isn't it? But there's no doubt that all the love and long hours poured into it are so worth it - when in doubt, watch the video!!

Hope psycho stays far away...so maddening.