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Monday, August 13, 2007

What's Life Without a Little Adventure?

Oh my ... I am just recovering from our trip and am beginning to think about scheduling our Ireland vacation next year. Brian and I have wanted to visit Ireland for a long time and next year will be our 25th anniversary so it seems like an appropriate time to go. We've been debating about whether to take a tour or to try driving it ourselves. Since the driving laws are different along with the minor fact that they drive on the opposite side of the road from us Americans, the driving is sounding like a bit too much of an adventure for us.

However, Brian has found a tour that might work. It goes through Northern Ireland and visits Derry, a place Brian (and I) really want to see. It's one of the few tours that do go to Derry so we may not have a lot of choice in which tour to take if we want to go there.

So I've just checked the web site and see that they use Jeeps rather than buses. Here's a bit of the description from the web site:

This is not a bus tour of Ireland, it's a Four Wheel Drive Adventure using
a unique type of 4x4 Land-Rover, or ‘Vagatron’ like the ones shown in the

We can take mountain passes, short cuts along beaches
and explore remote areas of extreme natural beauty, far beyond the reach of
mortal tourists.

No other tour company in Ireland (or the world) uses these
unique vehicles, they add a spirit of adventure to any tour right from the

There is loads of space and the seats are soft and comfy and because
we believe in fresh air - you can open every window.

Among the "highlights" mentioned for this tour are:

  • Conquer your fear of heights on the Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge

  • Clamber over the cliff-top ruins of Dun Luce Castle

  • Take a Black cab tour of the fascinating Belfast city

  • Hill-walking amongst some of the most remote and stunning scenery in Ireland

  • Try Surfing in the North and north-west

  • Horse-riding on breath-taking endless beaches

  • Learn the A walking tour of Londonderry/Derry city

  • Explore the nine Glens of Antrim

  • Walk in the Mourne Mountains

  • Climb Knocknaree Mountain to Queen Maeve's tomb

Did I ever mention that I'm afraid of heights?

And did I ever mention that I'm getting older and am not in the best of shape? This sounds like something for 20-something extreme thrill seeking people.

Oh well..... Hoka Hey!

*Hoka Hey in Lakota means, "It's a good day to die". It really means more than that, it means that "if I die today I have no regrets". It's become my new mantra.

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