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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I got word today that the electric company has cut off electricity to many of the homes on the Reservation. Apparently they are tired of people not paying their bills and want to send a message. This in a place that endures an 85% unemployment rate. I'm not exactly sure how they are supposed to pay or with what. The missionary there says she is sure it will be back on before cold weather hits. Still, this could go on for weeks. There is no refrigeration to keep food cold, no electric stoves to cook on, no lights, no hot water (assuming they even have water in their home - many do not), and no TV.

This is the kind of thing that creates a great deal of frustration on the Rez. I imagine they feel as if they've been forced into this situation by the government and now are being punished for it. They could be right. Along with the frustration, there is boredom because there is no TV. Boredom and frustration are not a good mix anywhere, least of all among people who have a history of being treated badly (to say the least). It is in times like these that drinking and gang violence increases. With it all kinds of other violence. It's understandable but it's still bad news. I feel bad for these people, many of whom are my friends. Poverty sucks. It just does. And there seems no way out of it and no hope for change.

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