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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not a Lot of U2 News

There's not a lot of U2 news lately. No new album, although one is in the works. No tour - gotta have an album first.

But U2 do a great job at finding ways to keep us interested. They keep coming out with new CDs and DVDs that are really the old stuff with a new twist. And U2 fans like me willing pay for them.

Yesterday I headed to the store to get the old/new PopMart DVD. I didn't follow U2 much during the Pop and Zoo TV eras. It's not that I walked away from them, I think I was just busy. I was dying in every sense of the word and spent a lot of time in recovery and therapy and reading. I was also trying to get to back to college at the same time. Life left little time for music. It was not a fun time (without music what's life??) yet it was a good time and one that I wouldn't trade. Besides, now I have an excuse to catch up on my favorite band via DVD. OK, well that's my excuse anyway.

Seems I'll have to come up with another excuse to buy something else I already have. According to @U2.com there is an Anniversary Edition of The Joshua Tree coming out. To quote them it will be available in three editions.

1. A digitally re-mastered standard album in a 'super' jewel case with a
24-page booklet.

2. A deluxe edition to include a 5" hardcover book with two wallets (at
front and back) to hold two CDs (the remastered album + rarities) and the
24-page booklet.

3. A limited edition to contain everything in the deluxe edition, plus one
DVD of a Paris show from The Joshua Tree tour.

The tentative release date is November 23, 2007.

Ah! There's my excuse....it's set to come out on my birthday!


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Hey, what a great birthday gift for yourself!

I should be getting the PoP DVD in the mail any day now (for free). Because of my Classic Rock site I get offered free DVDs and CDs on a daily basis (makes me feel important). I only say yes to the ones I REALLY want because the "catch" is I have to review them and that would be a full time job.

Your birthday is exactly two months after Bruce Springsteen's and 2 months and 2 days before mine :)

Brian Buriff said...

The "behind the scenes" element from the PopMart DVD is especially good.

Amber said...

I forogt to metion the new U2 3D movie coming out sometime late this year or early next year. And Brian, going to that does not count as taking me to a U2 concert.

David Cho said...

You'd be glad to hear that I am slowly getting into U2 music thanks to you and Barb.