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Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Simple Challenge

Today there are thousands of people in impoverished nations who are starving to death, lack clean water and medical care because money that could be spent on providing these basic needs to their people are being used instead to pay back debts to wealthy nations.

The kicker is - those nations have already paid the debts but they continue to pay them.

This crisis occurred when interest rates went through the roof. The resulting compound interest made it impossible for these nations to ever pay.

As I read the Bible it is clear to me that God cares about the poor and those who suffer injustice. He cares a lot. He even instituted a plan to make sure that the kind of situation we have before us now, wouldn't happen. In the seventh year there was to be a canceling of debts and in the jubilee (50th) year, land, which had been sold to pay of debts, was to be returned to its original owners, and slaves were to be freed.

In a time when 30,000 children are dying each day from preventable diseases, it's time for God's people to act.

Jubilee USA is calling for a fast. The plan is simple - we fast anytime between Sept. 6 - Oct. 15th and while fasting, pray for those suffering extreme poverty and injustice. Then take a moment to contact your Congressmen and ask them to Support the Jubilee Act H.R.2634

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