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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This One's for Cathy

Today I get my new computer! At least I hope it's today. I've been tracking it and it's now in Cincy so I expect I'll get it today. It's weird how fast a computer can go out of date. The one I have just simply will not handle all of the photo/video stuff I need to do for Pine Ridge.

I saw this ad for Apple Computers that was done back in 1983 with a struggling actor named Kevin Costner. I though Cathy might like it. Oh, I forgot, Cathy probably can't watch a video on the computer. Oh well.... sorry to torture you sweetie.

Wow, computers have come a long way.

And no Josh, if you're reading, I'm not getting a Mac. I'd like to but simply can't afford to switch over. Just getting a new Dell busted my bank.


Last names Hauser. No, not like Doogie. said...

shame shame shame.
The unfortunate truth is that no one can afford NOT to buy a mac. The amount of time, stress and energy, as well as future upgrades that you will waste on a windows computer will far outweigh the original purchase price. Meanwhile I do find it odd that a dell computer of equivalence would cost less than a mac.

If you would have only asked, I (with apple) could have saved you.

(and there's a tear there as well)

hallga77 said...

"I Second That Emotion"(for the most part)

This as I type on my old eMac and as I mourn my iBook that I think died last night.


PS to Josh-If only we had known maybe we could have done an intervention. Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Dells.

Gary Means said...

oh that video is too funny! That little plastic brick of a mouse, and Costner back when his head would still fit through normal doorways. Congrats on a new computer. Enjoy your Mac. I vaguely remember owning a Mac back in the old days. I learned how to use a computer on an original Mac.

Amber said...

Josh and Tim - if it makes you feel any better I do have the Apple "Think Different" logo set as my desktop background. What can I say, it's a PC that wants to be an Apple. I do love this thing though ...it's so fast!