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Monday, September 10, 2007

What Are They Thinking???

I'm sick. It feels like someone has kicked me in the gut and I can barely breathe. For quite some time now my youngest, Logan, has been talking about enlisting in the Army despite the unbridled protest from his mother. It seems that the decision has been made though. He has talked to a recruiter and is filling out paperwork. I asked him to at least wait until the end of his senior year. He will not.

This is my worst nigthmare come to life. I really can't begin to describe how much I hate this. I normally have no desire to interfere in my children's lives and as far as I can remember I've only ever tried to control one of their decisions - this one.

I don't even know how he got here. We are not a big military family by any means. His father never wanted to serve in the military and I will not even watch a war movie. I do think the promise of money and the training as an MP (military police) are strong incentives for him. I keep telling him that COLLEGE will also prepare him to be a police officer. He's not listening.

I've fought this like nothing else. I've said I would fight Logan, the US Army and God himself if need be. Of course, I'll lose on all counts but that has never stopped me before. I seem to have to go down fighting. I'm a mother and this is my kid we're talking about. Nothing else matters.

But Logan has always had a strong sense of justice. It's that sense of justice that led him to want to be a police officer. He's been that way since he was a little bitty kid and chased after the much bigger neighborhood bullies with an axe. I thought I was raising an axe murderer back then but no, I was simply raising someone who wasn't afraid to go after the bad guys.

Me, I'm just wanting Jesus to hurry up and come back. I'm sick of this crazy messed up world with it's wars and poverty and injustice. I'm just ready for the time when there are no more bad guys to go after.

I also have a nephew in the Navy and another nephew who is in Marine boot camp as I type. What are these kids thinking? I'm proud of them all. I really am. But I'd be proud of them all regardless of what they did. They are every one good kids. Pray for them and for us moms who would much rather have our boys safe and sound than to be somebody's hero.

"Heaven on Earth,
we need it now
I'm sick of all of this hanging around
Sick of sorrow,
sick of the pain
I'm sick of hearing again and again
That there's gonna be peace on Earth
Where I grew up there weren't many trees
Where there was we'd tear them down
And use them on our enemies
They say that what you mock
Will surely overtake you
And you become a monster
So the monster will not break you
And it's already gone too far
You say that if you go in hard
You won't get hurt
Jesus can you take the time To throw a drowning man a line
Peace on Earth
Tell the ones who hear no sound
Whose sons are living in the ground
Peace on Earth
No whos or whys
No one cries like a mother cries
For peace on Earth
She never got to say goodbye
To see the colour in his eyes
Now he's in the dirt
Peace on Earth
They're reading names out over the radio
All the folks the rest of us won't get to know
Sean and Julia, Gareth, Ann, and Breda
Their lives are bigger than any big idea
Jesus can you take the time
To throw a drowning man a line
Peace on Earth
To tell the ones who hear no sound
Whose sons are living in the ground
Peace on Earth
Jesus and the song you wrote
The words are sticking in my throat
Peace on Earth
Hear it every Christmas time
But hope and history won't rhyme
So what's it worth
This peace on Earth
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth "
Peace on Earth - U2


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Oh Amber, I am praying for you. I would feel the same way you do, so I think I can imagine a bit of what you are going through. The Army does provide a lot of incentives to join.

I had to smile at Logan running down the street with an axe.

I hope he changes his mind, but if not, no matter where he is or what he does, he's in God's hands.

David Cho said...

Wow, I just don't understand why anybody wants to join the military these days. My friend's 18 year old kid is doing the same.

Logan said...

Its just something I feel i have to do. I want to do. Yeah the benfits are great, and i do plan on going to collage either way. But who am I to say I love this country and god bless america if im not willing to fight for it?? I personally think that I am a coward if i love this country and support the war and our troops but am not willing to fight the fight. I dont totally understand why i want to join, i might never understand, but i know its what is best for me right now, and if i live my life to make others happy than i never will be happy.


hallga77 said...

Love You Amber,Love You Logan.


Tim & Debbie

randi---i have to say said...

I can imagine that this is a tough decision to swallow. My boys are younger---13 and 11---but I know that one day we will deal with issue also. I know that God is in control and that my kids love Him, so I simply have to trust in that.