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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Now I really know I'm old. I just came home from a concert. The first one I've been to in a long time. It was Todd Agnew and two other "just starting out" artist/bands. It was at a high school gym and believe me, sitting on bleachers for 3 hours is not my thing anymore.

I went alone. That part was OK. The music was OK. Actually it was great. And Todd's 30 min. sermon before he sang a single song was great too. He talked about Africa. He wasn't nice about it either. Bono is nice. Todd Agnew, not so much. He says what needs to be said, like it or not, like him or not. I like that.

He talked about how the World Vision people told him that if he talks about Africa, or hunger, or AIDS, or how people do not have clean water, that only about 3% of the people at a Christian concert will respond and do something like sponsor a child. He told them he wanted to take the sponsor packets to his concerts and that he was hoping for 10% response. They told him he would be disappointed. He said something to the effect that he didn't care. He made the point to the younger people there that if they took a test with 100 questions on it and only got 10 right, would they pass the test? Of course not, and yet that is the best the Church hopes for. Sad.

But that's not what this post is about.

I went to the concert to see Todd Agnew, not to hear him. I spoke to his agent the other day about the possibility of him coming to participate in the benefit concert I am trying to organize. His agent told me flat out "no". Not being one to take no for an answer the first time, when I discovered that he was in town, I decided to drop by his concert and see if I could run into him.

Well, I got tired. And I felt stupid asking him to do something for Pine Ridge after hearing about Africa. And I was in an unfamiliar part of town and was afraid if I hung around after the concert too long I would miss my shuttle bus. And I lost my nerve. So I talked to one of the other artist who performed tonight. She was sweet and said she would make sure Todd got the materials I prepared for him. I think she will. She seemed sincere, and fragile, and vulnerable and real. Keep an ear out for Joy Whitlock. You'll probably be hearing from her soon.

It was strange, I went to a concert and the only people who talked to me was one of the artist performing and the bus driver.

I don't know what will happen with Todd Agnew and our benefit concert. I suppose what will happen is what is supposed to happen even if it's nothing at all.

Today was weird. I spent the afternoon talking to people who can make the concert happen. A friend of a friend gave me the name of a local politician to call. I did and was amazed. He immediately began rattling off names and phone numbers of people who might be able to donate all kinds of stuff from port-a-pots to generators. He suggested a huge and well known park to me for the concert. I told him we would love to have it there. He asked what was keeping us out. I told him my calls were not being returned so he gave me the name and cell phone number of the lady who is in charge there and told me to use his name and tell her we want in. I did. She seems open to it. I have an appointment to meet with her next week.

It's been a weird day.


Gary Means said...

Amber, that is very cool. You are a door pusher. The Body needs more of the 90% to listen and for a percentage of those people to push on doors. I think you are a very rare and special person. Our family sponsors a child through World Vision, but we really don't do much other than that anymore. At the very least we could give more. Hmmm, there's some project involving school supplies . . . I think I need to talk to my wife.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Your not old! If you were old you never would have got on the shuttle bus in the first place.

Its very cool that things are happening for the concert....I have already heard of Joy! I can't remember how but I have. I'll research it.

I agree with Gary - you are special and rare, you make things happen, you don't sit around talking about what needs to be or should be done - you do it.

I admire you for that and many other things. You knew that already though, huh?