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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

God is Crazy

The longer I know Him and work with Him, the more I'm convinced that God is absolutely crazy. He seems to have a way of showing up in the least likely places and doing things that make absolutely NO sense at all.

I feel so out of place talking to people in some position of authority or power. I get intimindated when people aren't even trying to indimidate me and generally want to crawl under a rock and hide somewhere. Yet I'm now in this position of having to negotiate with people who are in power. Crazy, huh? I don't really believe that I'm crawling to them asking for a favor. I feel like I'm offering them an opportunity to be involved with something good and that it would benefit them to get on board. But I still feel like I'm crawling and begging and I'm still scared spitless.

Oh well, this isn't about me now is it. Sometimes you have to forget yourself and put fear aside and just do something.

Today I did that something. I met with the Director of Events at a local outdoor mall to see if we can hold the benefit concert there. I prayed. I asked others to pray. I mustered all the courage I could and went in trying not to act as nervious as I was. And I was surprised. They acted nervous about talking to me. Who would have thunk it? The good news is, they are very excited about being involved with this and really want to do it. The General Manager will still have to approve it and make sure they are within policy, but the Director of Events is excited. She commneted, "It's so strange that you would ask this because we just had all of these school supplies printed up with our name imprinted on them and I'm going to see if we can send you out some boxes of these as well".

As soon as it's a go, I will name the place. It's a very nice and new outdoor mall/park area with a lot of restaruants. Once we have a date, I'm also going to be checking with those restrauants to see if they would donate a portion of their sales that day to purchase backpacks/school supplies.

Wow. This really rocks. Literally.

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Barbara (aka Layla) said...

YOU ROCK! Sure, God credit too but you made the CHOICE to get out of your comfort zone and look what happened!

(BTW, this post goes perfect with where I am at right now too...jumping way the heck out of my comfort zone. I'll write about it soon).

(Whatever happened to Bruce G/Bit of Smoke? I miss him)