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Monday, October 15, 2007


I've been tagged by Gary over at Poor in Spirit.

The task is to "write four things about Christians: three negative perceptions and one thing that Christians should be known for.

Here goes ....
I think a lot of people see the Church as:

1. Rigid

2. Judgemental

3. Slow to be involved in issues facing the world today

One thing Christians should be known for:

1. Love (OK, that's a broad one but you get the idea)

So, I'll tag Josh ... and anyone else who feels like being tagged.

1 comment:

David Cho said...

A very good list. And absolutely love!

I wouldn't say we are "slow" to be involved in issues. We are very selective in which issues we decide to get involved.

Homosexuals are really easy to pick on since there is a long established stigma already. Abortion is an easy one too since church leadership tends to be male dominated, and it is easy to condemn women faced with the dilemma.

Christ's command to enter in by the narrow gate comes to mind. We tend to go with the least path of resistance and easiest issues of the day. The gate's length is about from LA to NY.