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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update on The Concert

Well, it's going S-L-O-W-L-Y and I am reminded again how much I hate waiting. A lot seems to be falling into place ... we have lots of talent and lots of people getting very interested in this but ... we're waiting on the essentials - like a location.

Last week I got a very polite "kiss off" letter from my city who obviously wants no part of this - we are not a "city" group. Not sure what makes one qualify. I've lived here most of my life, graduated from the local HS, my kids graduated for the local HS, my husband has pastored here for more than 20 years. But alas, we are not a "city" group. OK. Their loss. It's not nice to turn your back on the poor. Do I sound just a wee bit miffed? I thought about going to a City Council meeting to see what could be done but I just don't have the time. Make that, I have the time but I need to spend my time finding a place that wants us.

SO, I talked to the Events Director at a local mall and she was excited. She just had to check it with her General Manager. This week however, she is not returning my phone calls. Not a good sign. I may have to drop in at her office where it will be a little more difficult to dismiss me. She's a nice lady but I'm getting the feeling the GM wasn't thrilled. *Update* Since posting this, I have spoken to the Events Director again. She is still very interested. She had spoken with the General Manager and she is OK with it too BUT they have to clear it with Corporate. She said they normally don't allow outside groups to use the property but rather run the events themselves but she was still going to check it out with Corporate and she still wants to work with us. I didn't detect hope in her voice though. Corporate can be a pain. Too bad the local people who actually run the place don't have more say so.

SO today another proposal to another mall will go in the mail. And next week I'll begin again. And I'll probaby get the same answers.

If worse comes to worse we can rent a city park. I really don't want to do that. I want a place with a lot of foot traffic. This is bigger than just raising $ for backpacks - it's about the Church going into the community and being the Church. It's about getting believers and non-believers alike to gather in the city and work toward a common goal. I like that idea. If we do it at a park, it will lose some of that. If you're the praying kind - pray.

Other things are coming together. We have one of the most talented graphic designers in the country who has volunteer to do promotional materials. Stop by his blog and say THANK YOU GARY!

Josh has also been a big help by contacting people who can make this happen. Unfortunately I can't mention any names yet but if they get on board I'll be sure to let you know. It's exciting to see what Josh is trying to pull off. Now you can't wait to hear, can you? Again, we're waiting...

We have the musical talent getting in line as well. Committed so far are:

8 Lives Spent - a high-energy, driving rock band with a unique good time feel. What can I say, these guys rock. In more ways than one. Brian, their drummer has been incredible. He is passionate about Pine Ridge and is willing to bring the band to Cincy from Virginia at their own expense to perform. He is also recruiting other bands for us and giving me a bit of direction. He is also a great source of encouragement to me because he believes in this so strongly. I've never met him but I'm looking forward to doing so. Check out their MySpace to listen to them

Jenah Ross - a Christian, Acoustic, Folk singer from PA. Jenah is also willing to travel to Cincy to perform. She is also a great prayer support for our ministry and she and her daughter are approaching other churches in their area to see if they will support us. Check out her MySpace to listen to her music.

Our own Gary Hitsman. Gary is a good friend and a talented musician. In his earlier life he was the frontman for a local rock group that headlined at Bogarts.

We are also talking to:

I've also been in touch with Kinsey Rose, a local country artist who is a bit of a local celebrity. After moving to Cincinnati Kinsey began writing with Jeff Pence, of Blessed Union of Souls, and has a song cut on the Cincinnati Clutch Hits sold at the Great American Ballpark. She has also had the opportunity to sing the Star Spangled Banner for the Reds last summer and recently sang for the Los Angeles Dodgers in California. She also has a song out currently for Jungle Jams; an album for the Bengals. Kinsey says she is very interested in helping us out as well. Check out her MySpace to hear her.

So that's where things stand at the moment. I'll keep you updated.

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Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I'm praying.

These bands so great...who is going to decide which order they play in? I am trying to think of any bands/musicians I know in that area that would want to help out. I hope its a huge success no matter where the venue is.