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Friday, October 05, 2007

Broken Things

It has been a crazy week here at the Buriff home. The plumber is here. It's the 3rd service call we've had this week - not all of the plumbers thankfully. We've had our furnace serviced for the winter and thanks to Hauser Htg and Air. we'll be warm this winter. Not all of my friends will be. And we had our septic tank sucked out (eewwww). Now we have a leak in our crawlspace. So I'm without water for a while and I'll not complain about that since I personally know people who never have water in their homes.

My monitor died this week too. Sad, it was less than a year old. And I can't say that I love my new one, but it serves it's purpose (it works). While installing my new monitor Brian accidentally knocked my desk over, busting the corner of it and breaking several things that were sitting on my desk. (oh oh, I hear water running mightily now and the plumber yelling to Brian to turn it off - this can't be good)

Anyway, as I cleaned up the disaster that is/was my workspace, I found it odd that I wasn't too concerned about the stuff that was broken. I do hate that my desk has a busted corner but I wasn't extraordinarily bothered by any of it. It's all just "stuff". Nothing there that will not be trashed when I die. I figure if it can be thrown out when I'm gone it's not too much to fuss over.

I did put some of the broken items back up on the desk. My desk, or I should say the bookcases around and above my desk, are where I keep mementos of people I've encountered in some meaningful way. There are pics of my family, some teddy bears people have given me, a biker bear (wonder why someone gave me a biker bear?), a picture of a little girl who I helped to save, the broken piggy bank from the little Lakota girl who gave all she had to help people in Africa, a candle made by a friend that says "HokaHey" the Lakota word meaning "Today is a good day to die - no regrets".

There is also the arm of the swing my husband gave me for our wedding. After 24 years of marriage the swing finally gave up the ghost and had to be thrown away last year but Brian managed to save the arm complete with my favorite dog's teeth marks in it. We lost that dog when we were kicked out of a church and had to leave everything we had behind, including our beloved dog.

There's the hourglass my friend gave me for watching her granddaughter - a reminder of how fast time flies. It, sadly, was one of the items broken when the desk came crashing down. I saved it anyway and put it back on the bookshelf as a reminder that one day time will indeed run out just as the sand has ran out of the broken hour glass. There's my old teddy bear Blue-B. He and I have been best buddies since I was born. My parents tell me I nearly died when I was a baby and I held onto him the whole time I was sick and wouldn't let him go. He's seen me through many a dark night since and has deserved the spot above my computer. He's nothing but a rag now, but he's "real" if you know what I mean. If you don't, then read the Velveteen Rabbit and maybe you'll understand.

I also had some Boyds Bear figurines on my bookcase (it's really not as cluttered as it sounds). They were broken when the desk fell too. One was given to me by my husband when I was an adult trying to go back to college to get a degree. It's a bear holding a diploma. I never got the degree. I dropped out after a friend/professor was murdered and stopped 3 classes shy of a diploma. Funny, when the desk fell and the bear broke, the only thing that broke was the diploma broke off out of her hand. That seems more appropriate. Another angel bear had a wing broken off. That too would seem appropriate to those who know me. Maybe some things are better broken.

All of these broken items, a broken hourglass, a broken bear, a broken piggy bank. You would think my desk is a trash heap but I don't think so because I do believe some things are better broken. If you've ever been broken and had to scratch and claw your way through recovery, you know what I mean. If not, I can't help you.


Brian Buriff said...

Oh what a week it has been. Even now there is a huge powerful fan and a commercial grade de-humidifyer in the crawl space to purge the moisture out and prevent a major mold/mildew problem. Before I left home this morning I sprayed under the house with a heavy dose of bleach. The fumes were rather powerful. Hopefully when I get home I'm greeted with the fumes of Amber's Fried Chicken! We're having a feast tonight!

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Amber, I really like this post. I am not a keeper of things either, but like you the things I do keep are because of the sentiment/memory behind them. How cool that you still have that bear! I am keeping "Birdy" for my son. Even though he's 16 I know it still means something to him (ok he would kill me if he knew I wrote that).

Believe it or not we had the same problem with our crawl space just yesterday! It was a shock to discover that there was a piple leaking from the wall and seeping up under the floor. Luckily my brother is a contractor and it was fixed for free.

Hope you and B have a great night tonight, sounds like you need a relaxing eve at home!

Amber said...

I don't know about relaxing but it will be a good night. My son and his wife are coming for dinner. I called him last week and told him I missed seeing his face at my dinner table and he said he missed seeing the dinenr table. :) I'm killed the fatted calf (or chicken) and am making his favorites - fried chicken and apple pie.

Robert said...

wow amber and brian quite a *royal flush* eh?? groan eimshot lol ah the aroam of fried chicken and fresh baked apple pie who wants to book a quick flight to amber and brians??? yummm yummm enjoy your familytime!!!

Gary Means said...

I loved this post. You always make me think. I wish you guys didn't live so far away.