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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Logan is home! Actually, he came home early and did not sign up with the Guard.

He got sick and they sent him home early Tues. morning. Now he is reconsidering whether he wants to join or not.

And yes, I'm happy. :)

He may later choose to go this route again, but for now I'm glad he is at least taking some time to think about it.

He has funny stories about the one night there ... Logan thought he had a hotel room to himself because he was one of the last one's to check in and was an odd number. Then about 10 PM a guy came to the room who had missed his bus and drove up late. He was from Cincy and had been shot at, robbed, and car-jacked all in the last month. He told Logan that this was his 4th time up there to go through the process - he had backed out every time before. He said if he backed out this time, they would never let him come back. Signing his name on the paper seemed to be the thing he couldn't bring himself to do. Logan and he chatted for a while, Logan telling him that if he wasn't 100% sure, he should not sign the papers. They then turned on the football game and watched for a bit. After a while the guy said, "I'll be back later", then got his stuff, left and never came back. :)


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

AMBER! Are you serious? This gave me the chills. I was praying along with you that he would not join so this kind of blew me away. Sorry to hear he's sick but hey, this looks like an answer to prayer???????

I gave you an award of my blog. I didn't have to think twice on who to give it to under the category of social consciousnesses - that was a no brainer :)

Gary Means said...

I just stumbled across this post today. I had been concerned since I read about Logan's intention. I am SO GLAD that he didn't sign up.