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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I got a call yesterday from the missionary on the Reservation. She was distraught and asked us to be praying for the Lakota people, and for them as they deal with several tragedies.

In the past few weeks several young people on the Reservation have committed suicide by hanging themselves. The oldest was 21 years old. The others were younger still. The impact this has had and is having among the people there is hard to imagine. Perhaps the best way to illustrate it is to tell what the missionary told me yesterday.

One of the mothers in the village called the church in a panic because she had caught her 6 year old little girl with a noose around her neck and with the end of it thrown over the doorway and was about to pull it when her mother found her. This is a family that those of us who have gone out there know well. My son Logan has had a special bond with this little girl.

For us, this is not a story of tragedy far away. It affects our friends, our extended family if you will. It's personal and heartbreaking.

Please pray.


David Cho said...

6 years old? And she wasn't just goofing off? I never thought a 6 year old would even understand the concept of suicide.

Thank you for the post. This is beyond imagination.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Oh, Amber.....i am praying and hurting with you.

Gary Means said...

Dear Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I am stunned and saddened by this news. Please move in the hearts and minds of the people in this community. Please bring Your peace. I ask for emotional and mental stability there. Please bring reasons for hope in the hearts of those whose despair threatens to bring them to this tragic decision. Lord, this is so much bigger than I can grasp. I feel like prayer is flailing in the dark. Not so much because of a lack of faith, but because of a lack of knowledge of how to pray for them. But You know the deepest needs of each person there. So I beseech You to work in powerful ways in the lives of this community, but especially in those young people who are at greatest risk. AMEN

Amber said...

Thanks for your prayers guys.

Robert said...

Just came over and saw this will be praying amber im with david this is beyond tragic but pray your post as well the involvement of the missionary and others will be used by God to provide hope ad peace to the entire community