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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

OK, I'm Officialy In The Christmas Spirit - for the moment

I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Christmas seemed an interruption to me. I had been busy and had not been keen on the idea of dragging out the tree and putting all the decorations on it again just to have to take it all down in a month or so and clean it all up. Seemed like a hassle to me. And no one in our family could figure out what they wanted. We all have everything we want and need. Even the things I do want don't really seem that important. There's nothing I couldn't live without. It seemed silly to have someone buy me something just because I sort of wanted it. I was really feeling like Scrooge ... until yesterday.

You see, a week or so ago Brian and I went to see The Christmas Promise Tour. As we were leaving I looked up into the night sky commented on all the stars. "It's not quite a South Dakota sky, but it's getting there", I said to Brian. That's when it hit me. I turned to Brian and half jokingly said, "That's what I want for Christmas. I want to go to the reservation and hand deliver the gifts we bought for the families there". Knowing full well that was just a pipe dream I forgot about it. Almost.

Yesterday I was boxing up the gifts we bought, getting them ready to ship to South Dakota. I told Brian that while we were out on our date night I needed to stop by Office Depot and get some packing material. Over dinner he suggested that we look at some flights and see if we could get a good deal. He offered to use some money from a gift we received to pay for plane tickets.

We came home, looked at flights, made some calls and today we booked the flight! We'll only be there for a day, but it will be so much fun. The families do not know we're coming. I can't wait to knock on their door and see their reaction. The missionary there knows we're coming and said she would make sure the families were home that day but would not tell them we were going to stop by.

I'm also going to make a video Christmas card of video taped messages from those here who have gone out to the reservation. I'll put it together with some background Christmas music and give each family we visit a copy.

We leave next Friday!

I can't wait.

When I called the missionary last night some of the kids were there. My girl Bree was there. She is 6 years old and her and I are very attached. She got on the phone and said, "Who is this?"

I said, "It's Amber."

"REALLY? I miss you. When are you coming out here?"

Pretty soon. I'll be there pretty soon.

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