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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thinking BIG

One of my friends always teases me saying, "This is my friend Amber - she dreams big". I admit, when I first began thinking about providing backpacks and school supplies to the entire Reservation, I thought I was dreaming big too.

And when I thought about having an all-day long benefit concert in the center of our town, I thought I was dreaming big.

But I was not dreaming big enough it seems.

This thing is exploding.

When I wanted to have it at The Village Green and was not allowed, I was disappointed. When another big location didn't work out, I was again disappointed. But when a 330 acre park opened it's doors wide and welcomed us to have the event there - I was amazed. Not only is the place BIG but it's very well known. Everybody knows where The Voice of America park is becasue of it's historical significance - and it's size.

Now a Dove Award winning artsist is coming to perform. Along with being a performer, he is a song writer with a major record company and currently has a song out that Rodney Atkins took to #1. It was just voted "song of the year". And he is going to see if another internationally known band will come. He's good friends with the lead singer and producer of that band. Who knows .....

And we're talking to a nationally known speaker - one I really like (no hints other than that one though).

Now The Underground, a wildly popular concert venue in our area who hosts local and national bands/artists is now onboard.

And I just received word from someone on our MySpace that they are going to try to attend the event. The kicker is - they live in Maryland! Here I was targeting our local area and someone from Maryland is thinking about attending.


Do you ever just feel like something is taking off - with or without you. I'm feeling that way about now.

Thanks to Josh for getting the web site up.

Thanks to Gary for working on some logos - we'll pick one soon.

And thanks to John, Paula, Jessica and Tim and Brian for all of their hard work. We have a whole team of people who are just blowing me away with their enthusiam and willingness to work hard.

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