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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The View Outside My Window

Winter finally arrived. Some of us wondered if it would come this year and could have sworn we would be mowing the lawn in January. But yesterday we got our first snow. It was beautiful and most of the kids got a day off school.
Today it is bitterly cold. The temp when I woke up was 10 degrees. Now it is 8 degrees.
I made it to Walmart before 8 am, which is pretty miraculous since I usually wake up about then. My dogs are especially grateful since we were out of dog food.
Tonight is the dress rehearsal for the Christmas musical that I now wish I had not agreed to be in. Tomorrow I'll have a funny story to post about typical preacher's wives.


David Cho said...

In the mean time, just took my dog out for a walk in shorts.

That is a beautiful view.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Beautiful view, Angel :)

hallga77 said...


About the walking the dog in shorts
thing. We live longer because we're under refrigeration ppart of the year.