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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Best Finds of Last Year

I'm just now getting time to post a couple of things I had thought of posting before the end of the year. Somehow time marches on whether I'm ready or not. So here it is, a little late, but ....

Best Finds of 2007

Bare Minerals Makeup
Everything you've heard about it is true. It offers great coverage with using very little makeup and it feels great on. It really doesn't feel like I've got makeup on. It is expensive but I don't think it costs more in the long run because you can use so little of it that it lasts a longer time than other makeup.

DO NOT however, buy this from one of those TV ads (scams). Go to the store and buy it or buy it online at a reputable store. Otherwise you will have the unfortunate experience of realizing that you've been lured into a "bargain" that will end up costing you a lot more money than advertised. I don't use the undereye concealer either because it makes tiny lines look much deeper. The foundation is great though, as is the "radiance".

Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate
Not only does it help the farmers in developing countries that grow it and ensure that no child-slavery is used, it's really good. This one does cost more but it's worth it to me to have a high quality product and know that I'm helping to make a change in poverty stricken countries.

Warning: Not all Fair Trade Chocolate is good. I've tasted some that I wouldn't want to eat again. Equal Exchange has several chocolate bars that are really good.

Flax seed Bread
OK, this one is weird but I found a bakery made whole-grain bread with flax seed in it at my local WalMart. It's good and it's good for you. We eat it with salad now instead of the whole grain bread we used to buy at Panera. An added benefit, you can usually find it on the day old rack at WalMart so it cost less.

Brandt Dodson & Steven James
I normally don't really like "Christian" fiction because I almost always feel like the author has an agenda. But I do read it because my favorite authors can't write fast enough to keep me in books. This year I stumbled upon two good authors who write a good story without preaching to me. Both write crime, mystery, thrillers. Brandt Dodson is the author of the Colton Parker mystery series. Steven James' latest book is The Pawn, you can see the trailer for it below


Barbara said...

I spent my NY Eve watching a show on Fair Trade Coffee and am committed to using it from now on. MAYBE I can get our office to switch, ever bit helps.

Now about that make-up - what's the trick to getting it to go on right? It tried it once and I looked awful but I think I did something wrong. I may have to try it again. I don't like wearing make-up but I do look better with a little on :)

hennhouse said...

Excellent post! I hadn't heard of that make-up... Thanks for the fair trade coffee info. We are what my husband calls "coffee snobs." Being 1/2 swedish, I like a good cup of coffee over a whole pot of swill. Is there a particular roast that you recommend?