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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Health Conscious

Health conscious is not a way I would describe myself. I've always eaten whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I don't exercise. And I seldom go to a doctor unless I'm absolutely convinced that I will not get better unless I do. But at age 46, my current lifestyle is not working for me anymore. Something has to give. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. I don't make them and never kept them back when I did. But something has to give. As the old slogan goes, "If nothing changes, nothing changes."

And some things need to change. I am in pain almost all the time. My knees have never been good but the pain is getting worse. Some days I wonder if I can even get myself out of bed because moving my leg is so painful. I have heartburn all the time. Bad heartburn. I eat Rolaids like some people eat candy. I am more unfit than ever before in my life. Just three years ago I was able to give the kids at Pine Ridge piggy back rides. The past 2 years I've not even tried. I know I can't do it even though I would really like to. And I've gained weight. Most of my life I've been thin. In the teens and early 20's skinny would have been a better word to describe me. After the birth of my second child I gained weight and thought I was fat. I wasn't . I don't think I could have been classified as even being overweight. If so, not by much. In my 30's I was anorexic. I ran, worked out and ate 300 cals a day. I nearly killed myself with my obsession of being thin. Now it's a different story. I am fat. I am a good 40 pounds overweight. Maybe more. I've avoided the scale like the plague so I'm not really sure.

So I was painfully aware that I needed to make changes but really didn't want to do what I needed to do. I like my junk food. I dislike exercise.

Part of this is just good old aging. Metabolism isn't want it used to be. I'm pretty sure mine is at a standstill. And I realize I will not always be able to give piggy back rides regardless of my level of fitness. But a good part of all of this is my lifestyle.

So for the past 3 days I've attempted a healthier diet. I'm still not exercising. I've thought about it, but that's a far as that goes. Maybe one day I'll get motivated to do that. I used to run 6 miles a day, now I couldn't' run to the corner without keeling over.

The thing that finally motivated me to try to make some small changes is that my youngest son and junk-food junkie requested that we start eating healthier. I was shocked. A big problem I've had is that I live with two men who do not eat the same. Logan will only eat junk and Brian will only eat healthy stuff. Since Logan wants to make some changes, well, I have no reason not to give it a go. So it's settled. The goal is to eat less sugar and switch to whole grains instead of white flour. Basically it's the way everyone knows to eat - lean meat, chicken, veggies and whole grains. I'm also checking in over at the Faithfully Finding Fitness blog and finding support there. Check it out if you're trying to make some healthier choices. No one there is perfect and no one will make you feel like a failure if you fail. It's just some good people who are trying to make better choices and encourageing one another.

As I discover new foods that are healthy and good, I'll share them. I've found a few new favorites already. I must say, health foods have greatly improved since my anorexic days when I was afraid to eat a calorie.

I don't know if I'll lose weight or not. Common sense tells me that I probably will and I hope I do but regardless, I'll be taking better care of myself and maybe avoiding health problems that would further restrict me from having fun.

For now, I have two recommendations.

All-Bran Snack Crackers. They are a good source of whole-grains and they taste good. I eat them now instead of chips.

Kashi Five Cheese Tomato Frozen Pizza
I have a routine to keep. On Sunday evenings we always come home and eat Tombstone Frozen pizza and watch Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition. On Sunday evening dinner has to be easy and cheap. I tried Kashi pizza today. Upon taking it out of it's package my thoughts were "this is not food. It doesn't' resemble real food and it's impossibly small". I baked it and tried it and was surprised at how good it was. My only complaint is that the serving size is minuscule. I stuck with the recommend serving size though and found it to be satisfying.

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