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Monday, January 28, 2008

Not Such a Great Week

Its a good think I quit my job last September. I don't have time for a job.

Life has gotten a bit crazy here. I'm stressed and busy. Even when I'm not busy, I'm mentally busy. It feels like my brain is being pulled in a hundred different directions. I need a break.

Normally I keep a good fictional book handy so I can take plenty of mini mental vacations. I read though at least one book a week. That's an important self-care thing for me to do.

Last night was a really stressful time at church. Lots of upset people. Lots of misunderstanding and miscommunication. And me in the middle of it all even though I had nothing to do with any of it. Being the team "leader" makes me responsible even when I'm not the one doing the deed. No one's fault really and certainly no harm meant. Still. Stress.

Yesterday morning I was also supposed to teach a SS class. I do that each Sunday. This past week though, I came up empty. So, we took prayer requests and then prayed for them and then I announced that God was on vacation. I didn't know where He was - probably on a beach somewhere escaping the bitter cold, but wherever He was, He was not speaking to me so I had no lesson. I feel bad doing that because people get up early and make an effort to be there and they deserve something. But I can't really just contrive something for the sake of doing what I'm supposed to do. Besides, its probably good for them to see a teacher and preacher's wife be honest and say "I don't know where God is this week. If you happen to bump into Him, tell Him I'm looking for Him - there are a few things I'd like to talk to Him about".

Today I did a bit of business and then went shopping. We head to Ireland in March (I can't wait) and I need a lightweight jacket to take along so it was off to the shops. I found one I really liked but it was out of my price range. So disappointing. It seemed perfect. Then I found another that looks even better on me, had pockets (a must for me) and was in my price range. I came home and dove into a book and tonight Brian and I are going to see U2 3D. I hope I can hear it. My ear is still clogged up. Yesterday the music at church sounded like noise to me - not because it was bad, it wasn't, I just can't hear correctly. So I'm a bit worried about the concert/movie tonight. I think I will like it regardless just because it's U2.

Tomorrow, it's back to work.


Barbara said...

YOU WILL LOVE IT! And you will be able to forget all your troubles for awhile. I haven't been yet but a friend of mine went and said it was the greatest!!!! Let me know what you think.

Hope your week gets better. You sure have a lot going on!

Kansas Bob said...

This one brought a smile to my face:

"I announced that God was on vacation"

I can sure relate!