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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What a Way to Spend New Year's Eve

I spent a good part of the day yesterday packing backpacks into boxes.

Earlier we had a backpack packing party to fill them all with the school supplies but at that time we did not have the boxes to put them in. Now that we have boxes, I'm left with a few hundred backpacks to pack.

They have to be organized first because we had someone donated over 100 light lavender colored backpacks. Those are definitely "girl" backpacks. It just wouldn't do to give one of those to a boy, so since there is no way to really know how many girls and boys we will be distributing backpacks to, I am trying to divide them up between the 3 villages to spread them out a little.

Then I've been labeling the boxes with how many girls or boys backpacks are in each and to which village they go. I'm about half-way there. I'll finish when I go get some more tape. It occurs to me that I forgot to ask for a tape gun for Christmas. You think of those kinds of things when you've got to cut each piece of tape to seal the boxes shut. Here's two pics of the process.

This is what is still left to pack

The finished product


Kansas Bob said...

Those pictures are very impressive! Bravo Amber!!

Barbara said...

see last comment....this is why I call you a hero!

hennhouse said...

Fantastic! Did you do it all alone? Will you travel to deliver the boxes or have them shipped?

Amber said...

Hennhouse - I didn't fill them with school supplies by myself - we had a backpack packing party for that, but we didn't have the boxes to pack them in then, so, yeah, I'm packing them myself. I've got to finish them up today. I finally got more tape. :)

We will deliver them just before the school year next August. Devlivering the backpacks/school supplies is part of our yearly mission trip to Pine Ridge.