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Friday, February 29, 2008

From the Pacific Northwest

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Portland waiting for my flight home and thought I would blog! We flew out Wednesday to celebrate my father-in-law's 80th birthday and will be back home late tonight (Friday). It has been an eventful trip - yesterday I received a call from my youngest son telling me that my dad had passed out twice and was taken by 911 to the hospital where they admitted him.

I hate being so far away from home when something like that happens. I had been sort of bracing myself for bad news since my dad's bone scan showed "something" in his hip. He had an MRI Wednesday and was supposed to get the results today. It didn't sound good - like maybe the cancer had spread to the bones. I was not prepared to hear that he was taken to the hospital. Its a helpless feeling being that far away when something like this comes up.

This morning though - good news. The best oncologist in the Cincy area was in to see him and she looked up his MRI results and let him know that the "something" that showed up was a fracture, not cancer! We still do not know what's going on with the passing out. Maybe something heart related. I'm grateful though that he was at the hopsital where he could see this doc and get a second opinion on when to start chemo. God sometimes works in mysterious ways.

Our trip here has been good. The weather beautiful and it has been fun getting reaquainted with a couple of nephews. I wish we lived closer ...I would love hanging out with my two sister-in-laws ... and my kids and my sister-in-law's kids do not really know each other and I'm sure they would get along great. Its a bit uncanny to see how much they have in common - they are either ministers, artists, firefighters, police, or military.

Well, I think someone is waiting for the one computer in the hotel so I'm out of here.


hennhouse said...

Praying for you and your family. Good news about your Dad.

Kansas Bob said...

Sometimes being away when a crisis hits helps us to know that it is okay to be away.. so glad things worked out with your dad.

Robert said...

very glad to hear your dad is doing better Im happy you enjoyed your time here in portland amber. Pam, erin and I all say come back and stay awhile longer ya hear!!!

Tera Rose said...

I am glad about the news regarding your dad.

How is your son?

Your home is beautiful! Your husband is talented to have built it; we are still fixing up our fixer upper....