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Friday, February 15, 2008

Heaven Couldn't Be Any Better

I'm back from a wonderful, relaxing time at Logan, OH in the Hocking Hills. This is a picture of the cabin I stayed in which was far nicer than anyone deserves. Just imagine it covered with snow. I ended up staying a day longer because I was snowed in. There is a very steep hill going up to the cabin that was ice and snow covered ... and no snow removal. Such terrible luck to be forced to extend my stay ;)

I went alone - just me, the hot tub, a fireplace, a good book and good music that feeds the soul - Brian's gift to me. Gotta love a man who is that caring and understanding.

It was a good time to think about myself. I normally don't think about myself too often since its a rather depressing subject, but sometimes its good to get away and ask yourself the hard questions and think about facing some issues that have nagged you. Things that normally get shoved aside with the distractions of being busy. That wasn't the purpose of going away. My only real purpose was to relax and forget about the pressures I'm dealing with for a while. But its funny how spending time with yourself with no distractions can bring up things too long ignored.

Now its back home ... back to the grindstone. I came home to 76 emails and a stack of paperwork. I'll dig out of it eventually.
For now I'm enjoying every kiss from my husband. :)

Taser on the other hand, barely noticed I was gone. Stupid dog.


Kansas Bob said...

I don't know about heaven.. did I see a TV in one of those pics.. but that cabin looks heavenly!! Sign me..

Jealous in Kansas

hennhouse said...

What a GREAT husband! Welcome home. And praying that you keep a bit of that peace and quiet in your soul for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

Great looking cabin. I'd wouldn't blame you if you stayed.

Thanks for the kind mention of my books. I'm please that you found them, and thrilled that you liked them

Brandt Dodson

Michelle said...

love your blog!! that husband is a keeper!!