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Monday, March 17, 2008

The 40's Part II

I had to follow up on my last post because I just had a hilarious experience.

Monday night is typically "date night" at our house. Brian and I wanted to do something "Irish" for St. Patricks Day (going to Ireland apparently isn't enough). So we went to check out a local Irish Pub that had been recommended to us. I knew going in there would be an issue since it was very crowded and very loud music could be heard all the way out in the parking lot. But we felt adventerous and decided to go on in.

The bouncer met us at the door and Brian, thinking he was a host asked for a table for two. The guy, a big, bald, brute asked for our IDs and explained that it was 21 and up. I was thinking, "is he kidding - look at us, we don't look a day over 40". But Brian couldn't hear him over the music and continued to talk to him about something completely unrelated to IDs. The guy tried to explain again that it was a 21 and up deal and tha the needed to see our IDs. Eventually the guy gave us on getting Brian to understand and told us there was a $5 cover charge. Brian, being completely unable to communicate to the guy had had enough and decided the place wasn't for us. I was glad. It wasn't my idea of a nice dinner place. I much prefer conversation on my date night and that wasn't going to happen there. Besides, we'll have plenty of visits to real Irish pubs next week.

Wow, I've been mistaken for a grandma and asked for my ID in the same day!

Michelle and Barbara were so kind to comment on my last post. If you get a chance, check out their blogs - both of them are WONDRFUL blogs written by WONDERFUL ladies who I am pleased to call friends.


Barbara - Layla said...

I am smiling imaging Brian being his friendly self talking to the bouncer and really not having a clue that they guy was trying to get:

YOUR ID's !!!

The SAME day someone assumed you were a grandma :) Now that is God's sense of humor at work if ya ask me.

I'm so excited about your trip to Ireland. I am praying that you guys have a blast (of course you will) and that maybe....you get to meet some Irish musicians.

Thanks for the sweet thing you said about my blog!

Brian Buriff said...

The Jerry Springer stage hand fellow just didn't get it. All I wanted was for him to show us to a non-smoking table for nice little dinner - how hard of a request is that? Last time I had an easier time getting into Chillocothe State Prison to do ministry than I did last night trying to get a basket of fish & chips. They just didn't have a clue, did they?