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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Death of Sunday School

I’m not sure what to think and less certain of what to do. For several years I’ve attempted to "teach", I use that word loosely, a Sunday School class for adults at my church. Originally the class was an offshoot of our Recovery groups - a place to get information about recovery. Eventually it became a Sunday School class for people who hated SS. I have never, ever, liked SS. I was always shy and feared someone would call on me to read, or worse yet, pray. So I don’t do those things in our class - everything is voluntary.

Over the years the class has changed, people have come and gone, and the purpose has adapted to meet the needs of those who are actually showing up.

The problem now is - very, very few are showing up. That leaves me wondering if the time has come to just kill it. Not everything is meant to last forever and maybe this class has just run its course. Maybe it is in fact, no longer meeting anyone’s needs. Maybe its time to just close up shop and let everyone go to another class. We have teachers who are quite good - way better than I am.

I am almost ready to do that. But, something doesn’t feel right about that. Maybe I’m being selfish but I think I would miss something. And maybe I’m being really, really egotistical but I think our people would also miss something.

I don’t know of another class that is like ours. We are not your typical SS class and in fact, don’t even like calling it SS. I much prefer a class where people can be honest. Where they can share what’s on their mind without fear of being judged by someone else for not being "spiritual" enough. I think Jesus values honesty over piety. I think its when we can bring our whole self, our true self, into His presence, that we are redeemed and I think playing church by all of the traditional rules prevents that so much of the time. Its the old religion vs. relationship thing.
I also prefer a discussion over a class where the teacher lectures. I would rather challenge people to think rather than tell them what to think. I think people learn best from hearing a variety of viewpoints and that can only happen when everyone has an equal chance to have input. And it’s fine to disagree. Lord, if we all had to agree to get along we would never have any relationships.

I kind of like questions too. I like throwing a question out there and letting people chew on it. And if we don’t come up with a good answer, that’s OK. The idea is to think about what we believe and why - not to figure it all out because in reality, none of us will ever be able to figure it all out.

So, there it is, my vision for our class - honesty over piety, discussion over lecture, and questions over answers.

Now my only question is, is there anyone else who wants that too or am I all by my lonesome on this one?


Kansas Bob said...

I love this:

"I think its when we can bring our whole self, our true self, into His presence, that we are redeemed and I think playing church by all of the traditional rules prevents that so much of the time."

I'd come if it didn't involve an airplane :)

Happy Easter Amber - He is Risen!

maudie-mae said...

I like the thought of your discussion type class, and even if there are very few who attend, you are evidently meeting their needs. There may be ministry happening through your discussions that you don't know about. Numbers aren't necessarily the yard stick we should measure success. Remember Colossians 3:17--Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There's your yardstick for success. =)

hennhouse said...

It seems like a class where "a class where people can be honest" is EXACTLY what is needed. At our church, when an important class has been around for a long time and attendance is dwindling, the pastor does a little bit about it during or before his sermon. Oftentimes, folks aren't going because they don't know--not because they don't want to.