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Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm Still Here ... Sort Of

It feels like forever since I've blogged. There's a reason or two for that. One, I am busy, but the main reason is that I'm dealing with some difficult personal issues. It seems some old "demons" are giving me a run for it lately. I'm OK, but struggling a bit and don't feel a lot like blogging.

But there are some cool things happening too. Here's all my good news.

  1. My dad got good news regarding his bone scan. So far, so good. The cancer is still there and growing at an alarming rate but it has not spread and he feels good so for the moment, things are OK.

  2. I'm going to IRELAND! Just after Easter Brian and I are off to Ireland for our 25th anniversary. We're "winging it" by flying into Dublin, getting a car and then doing whatever we feel like doing whenever we feel like doing it. We have no reservations because we're not sure how long we'll be at any one place. I'm going to try to take a laptop and blog from Ireland and post pics. Some things we hope to see are: Derry (the memorial to Bloody Sunday is there which is important to Brian (and me), The Cliffs of Moher, The Ring of Kerry, and of course, Bono's house. :) I have no idea whether we will make all of those or not but we'll still see more than we would if we didn't go.

  3. I am BLOWN AWAY this morning. I got an email from the bass player in 8 Lives Spent, one of the bands playing Rezonate '08. They are playing a show the week before they come to Rezonate and he is in the process of building a guitar for that show that will be raffled off and the proceeds given to Backpacks for Pine Ridge. That alone is AMAZING. That alone blows me away. BUT he is offering to design and build a spacial guitar for our event that can be raffled off. He and I will work on the design for it (can I do that??). I simply can't believe these guys. They are already going to great personal expense to come up and play and now this?!?! Wow. I'm loving my favorite rock band from Virgina. I want to buy the guitar myself and I don't even play. Well, I once had a guitar, a nice one in fact, but playing it turned out to be a bad idea for me. I just want to buy this one and hang it on the wall as a reminder to the amazing generosity of people.

Amazing. Just amazing.


Barbara said...

Oh Amber, what a great blog post! I am happy to hear about your dad. Your trip to Ireland is like a dream come true. The Rez news is a major confirmation - and I have not forgot about what I told you I would do, it's in my brain and I still plan to do it soon once I get over this stupid phase of sickness/depression.

Kansas Bob said...

Great to hear about your dad! Your trip to Ireland is exactly the kind that I would like to take.. I hope you and Brian have a great time!!