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Monday, March 31, 2008

Ireland - Day 3: Derry

Driving to Derry was our first experience driving on Ireland's roads. After a rough start it wasn't really so bad. The rough start occured when Brian accidentily drove into the airport security section, realized he had made a wrong turn and then asked the man at the booth where we had gone wrong. We quickly learned that the Irish do not necessarily go by maps. The Irish man gave us directions saying, "Go out to the round-about, get on the M50 and follow the signs to Derry". Brian handed the map to him and explained that we were wanting to go to Derry and could he please show us on the map how to get there. Frustrated with the stupid American in front of him, the man again said, "If you get on the M50 it will take you 'all da way to Nordern Rland'." Brian was confused because the M50 goes around Dublin - not to Northern Ireland. He again asked the man where the N12 was. The man sighed and said, "I don't know about your map - just follow the signs, I already told you how to get there." It was halarious to watch this exchange because neither of them were communicating well and both were equally frustrated. In actuality, they were both right - the M5- DOES go around Dublin rather than to Northern Ireland but the M50 does have signs that will in fact take you 'all da way to Nordern Rland".

We finally got on the road ....

This is the car we are driving. It is brand new! The man at the car hire place told us it was new and in perfect condition and "if at all possible, return it in the same condition".

Road signs

We stopped at Slane Castle ...

but it was closed

Getting close to Derry, or Londonderry, it was obvious that the tension and resentment is still very much alive. You may be able to tell that on the sign someone has tried to paint out the"London" part of the name.

In Derry at the Bloody Sunday Memorial and the many murels that line the streets when 13 unarmed people were fired upon and killed by British troops during a Civil Rights march.

The resentment is still alive as can be seen in some of the graffatii

The names of those who died. Many of them were very young.

The original "You are now entering Free Derry" sign that was painted on the side of a house.

We also walked the city walls - a interesting and beautiful experience. We felt very safe and yet we were reminded of the trouble there by the huge police presence.

One interesting bit of info was that John Newton spent time in Derry

Chillin to some music while walking the walls
Yes, I got a hat!
Looking over the city of Derry from the walls

A memorial to peace - they are reaching but never quite connecting ...

Dinner at a Derry pub.
We are basically eating fish & chips in every city.


hennhouse said...

AWESOME photos and descriptions. Praying for safe travel.

Barbara - Layla said...

Thanks so much for keeping us "with you" on this trip! Its great. Wonderful photos. So much history there. Too funny about Brian and the map! Love the hat!!!!