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Thursday, March 27, 2008

It Was A Beautiful Day - Day One: Dublin

Flying into Ireland was beautiful. After an all night flight we met Ireland by flying over the famous Ring of Kerry. M y first impressions of Ireland were that it was all that I had imaged it to be and I told Brian I was ready to move. A short time later we arrived in Dublin at 7:30 this morning and were met by a beautiful, sunny day. Upon arriving we rented a car and took on the Irish roads. OK, to be honest, we drove 1 block to the hotel but that was quite enough driving for the day. We managed to get lost twice in that one block range.

We quickly got a bus and decided to walk around Dublin rather than attempt driving in a city that is every bit as busy as New York City.

Having the day to ourselves with no real plans, other than to see Dublin, we decided to make it a U2 day and set out to see some of the U2 related sites around Dublin. I'm not sure how many miles we waked today but it was a lot and I was grateful for good shoes and perfect weather.

We walked along the River Liffey (shown in the pics) to the current recording studios of U2.

We never actually found them but we assume they keep them well hidden away.

Not finding the current studios, we walked back along the river to their former studios on Windmill Lane.

Now where the old studios actually were, I have no idea. It was not obvious at all. We had been told to look for the graffiti and we found a lot of it on Windmill Lane but none of it was U2 related?? OH well, it was still interesting. Yes, that's me in the black coat.

Not finding either of the recording studios we spent the rest of the day walking through Dublin, seeing the Temple Bar area and Dublin Castle. Then we stopped to make a purchase of U2 memorabilia at a records store in Dublin that specializes in U2 stuff. We also ate dinner at Bono's brother's restaurant Nude. A great place to eat if you're ever in Dublin.
Since this Internet connection is SLOW and I'm EXHAUSTED, I'm just going to throw the rest of the pics up here.

Will blog more tomorrow...

The hearing aid store where Bono got his nickname

The Temple Bar area of Dublin with cobblestone streets

Rhythm Records in Temple Bar area

Sitting by the River Liffey

Dublin Castle


Amber said...

Hey - driving 1 block and getting lost twice - I only got honked at once...that's even without yet putting the red letter "L" plates on the front and back. So far, so good?

Barbara - Layla said...

AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great day! Living it via your blog is the next best thing to being there, you did a great job with the photos and writing!!!!

I actually prayed that you'd get a glimpse of the boys :) Maybe tomorrow?

hallga77 said...

Amber & Brian,

Sounds like you're "having a wonderful time, wish we were there".

Great pictures. I would love that record shop.

We'll miss you guys Sat night at the "talent show" and Sunday. I guess there will be no inspirational chicken dances this year.

I am asking for prayers that my throat( & the rest of me) is well enough to lipsync to California Dreamin'.

We Love Yaz

Tim & Deb

Kansas Bob said...

What GREAT pictures ... thanks for sharing them ... look forward to seeing more ... but color me Jealous with a capita J :)

hennhouse said...

I am so excited for you! And none of it looks familiar--maybe I need to go back, too! LOVE the pics and the descriptions. Praying for your safety (especially while driving)!

Tera Rose said...

wow amber-
You are doing a great job with those photos, I felt like I was there.

What a wonderful vacation!