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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're Off... Really Off

In about an hour we leave for Ireland. It still doesn't seem real to me. I'm not sure it will until we land in Dublin tomorrow morning.

Hopefully this will not be a typical "Buriff" vacation. We have a way of rushing through vacations or either having something happen that makes the experience utterly miserable. In fact, we've adopted a motto of "that was a blur" for most of our times away. That came from the vacation when we took the boys on a train around the US to see everything we could possibly see from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon. I remember rushing through Yellowstone and thinking "I think that was a bear back there but I'm not sure because we were going too fast to tell". At the Grand Canyon we drove up, parked, looked at it for about 5 min. and then were back in the car. I also remember Brian being really sick when we were somewhere in the middle of Idaho ...it was the middle of the night and we were supposed to catch the train. He was sick and laying on the bench in the deserted train station begging me and the boys to get on the train and leave him there. I had the luggage and between clenched teeth demanded, "You WILL get on this train. You will get on this train if it kills you. You will get on this train if it kills me. Now GET ON THIS TRAIN". He did. The next year I planned the vacation and we went to Cape Cod and stuck our feet in the sand and didn't do a thing. Here are a few pics from past vacations as I'm sitting here waiting for my dream vacation.

Off to see Micky at Disney World - Logan was not impressed

Cody feeding Prairie Dogs in South Dakota

Logan made peace with the Disney characters a few years later

Snorkeling at Grand Cayman (Brian's parents lived there and flew us down for Christmas one year)

At Cape Cod

Brian in Alaska


Michelle said...

Praying for you! Have a safe trip and enjoy every minute of it..you both deserve it!

Barbara - Layla said...

I have a feeling this will be your dream vacation. And you know U2 is over there in Dublin at this very moment recording!?!

The pics here are great. My faves:

Brian in the short shorts.

Cody and the Prairie dogs (my mom is from SD, been there several times and love those P Dogs)

You underwater - gorgeous eyes


The puppies!