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Friday, March 28, 2008

Windy Rain and Rainy Wind - Day 2: Dublin

Today I've had to work a bit harder to keep in good humor. It has been COLD and WINDY today. In Ireland they say you either have windy rain or rainy wind. Today we had both.

And there was some personal disappointment in not being able to go to Bono's house. I didn't expect to see the man himself but had hoped to see the gates to his house which I've been told are worth a trip to see. We even booked a tour that advertised photo stops at Bono's house but when we blew through the town where he lives without a mention of the local rock star, I knew we were going to be disappointed. Oh well, I can always look at pics on the Internet right? Still it would have been cool to see the gates in person.

We also saw several of the famous Georgian houses in Dublin. They are basically brown brick buildings with doors of various colors from red, to blue and yellow. The reason for the colored doors - when Queen Victoria died the Irish were ordered to paint their doors black to mourn her passing. Since they had little reason to mourn her death they instead painted their doors every color but black. Gotta love the Irish sense of humor.

We then drove to the Wicklow Mountains and saw Glendalough, where a there is a monastic sight that dates back to 6th century B.C. I have no idea the significance of that because I was being talked to death by a very verbose Irishman who was our tour director. He just gave us too much information to be able to take any of it in. Funny guy and very good natured but I have no idea what we saw.

We did go past a very famous scene that I know I've seen in paintings before. It was in the area where Braveheart was filmed. I believe it is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in Ireland.

We stopped for lunch at a local pub in the Glendalough area where we warmed ourselves by a fire and ate a large bowl of Guinness stew (Irish beef stew).

The Pine Ridge people who think I'm bad about getting people moving along - you should ride with our tour director today. He makes it very clear that he doesn't wait for anyone and doesn't go looking for those who get lost. He dropped us off at a forest/mountain area, gave us a list of directions that seemed anything but clear and told us to meet him at another location. Once we got back on the bus we were missing two people and I really thought we were going to leave them there. Luckily they showed up. We've been told in all seriousness that they lose 1-5 people every day.

Getting back to Dublin this evening we all looked like drowned rats. My hair has gone from being worn down to being pulled up into a pony tail and now after today's wind and rain, I have on my agenda to buy a hat and pray I don't meet any member of U2. Tonight we stopped at another pub in Dublin to eat fish & chips. Then we hurried back to the hotel to a warm bath and coffee to get dry and warm.

Ireland is beautiful. Wet and cold, but very beautiful.

Tomorrow we drive to Derry.

This is probably the tour we should have taken. Its also the last time you'll see my hair look anything near normal.


hallga77 said...

Amber & Brian,

Again, nice pics. You're making me wish I was there.

Amber, In the last one you look like a rock star, when you get back I want your autograph. Say "I'm with the band,man" in a fake Brit or in this case Irish accent.

Have fun. We love you guys and you are in our prayers.


Kansas Bob said...

Great pics - that Guinness is making me hungry ... or is it thirsty :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber & Brian:
I'm enjoying your trip, amd Tracy and I can almost taste the Irish Stew and fish & chips! Have a great time. You are in my prayers!
Love, Sis(Kath)

hennhouse said...

Tears, Amber. Lots of tears. I was there. Right where you stood to take that photo--11 years ago. Oh how I long to go back. I shall have to dig those photos out and post them...

Michelle said...

I am loving this! You two enjoy! Get a hat Amber and think of the time you'll save not doing your hair..ha!

Jerry said...

Amber & Brian,
Enjoying your trip. Have fun, Be careful.Twenty five years, hasn't it gone fast.I have alot of memories with you.

Barbara - Layla said...

Well I have to agree with Tim - you do rock and you are a star. I am SO envious I really need to repent and/or get over there. I know my sis would take me over there if I wanted to go she LOVES Ireland.

I am so so so happy that you guys are over there!

You look gorgeous Amber (and thin) please don't NOT post pics when you have your "vacation hair days"! All us women can totally relate to vacation hair! (that's why God created hats!)