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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Again, for Cathy

What ya wont do for your friends. My bff Cathy (we have our own unique interpretation for bff) has said that I look far too serious in the pictures of me in Ireland. Well, there's a reason for that. The pics of me smiling or being silly were HORRIBLE and me, not wanting anyone to know how awful I looked, didn't post those pics. In fact, when I went through all the pics my thoughts were "geez, I knew I was ugly but I didn't know I was that ugly". So, to prove to Cathy that I was not utterly depressed while in Ireland and to overcome my vanity, here are the pics that did not make the first postings. OK, now I'm off to therapy. ;)


hennhouse said...

I know you didn't make this post to get this type of comment, but I think you are beautiful--whether you are melancholy, goofy, or whatever.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Are you back from therapy and home watching for Bono on AI? I started watching but then go inspired to write on my blog...

YOU LOOK FABULOUS in all the pics! Why are we our own worst critics? I agree with Karin - you are beautiful and you have an air of mystery about you. A bit of seriousness mixed with a hint of mischievousness.

Amber said...

Thanks ladies. I didn't really go to therapy ;) I've done enough of that in the past to last me a lifetime. :) But yes, I did watch Bono on AI. I checked out your blog Barbara and was FLOORED. You rock lady! Thanks so much.