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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But Will it Grow?

Well we're finally finished. Almost. I still have 3 Burning Bushes to plant and I need to mulch some more but ... we're almost there. Here is what it looks like now...
(click on the pics to enlarge)

Planted in the back: Catmint

Planted in the middle: Yellow Daylillies

Planted in the front: Firewitch

The catmint will eventually look like this. IF all goes as planned we should have a row of lacy lavender catmint, a row of yellow daylillies and then a row of pink and purple Firewitch.

This is the rock garden. It was always a problem area where nothing would grow.
Now there is lots of little creeping things with tiny pink and purple flowers along with some things that have cool looking foliage.

The stone path replaces the sidewalk and will eventually have Irish Moss growing to fill in the cracks.

The steps replace the old ones that fell off.

But the question remains... will it grow or die?
I will post more pics around June when everything should be in full bloom and will look better.
Right now, I'm going to go crawl off and die somewhere. I am SO out of shape.


michelle said...

I love catmint can't wait to see it all grow

hennhouse said...

It is so beautiful!! Like a magazine!