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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crisis in Haiti

I heard some news recently that broke my heart. Having been to Haiti in 2003, I have a bit of my heart left there. The picture here was one I took while in Haiti. Tammi, the group leader and I went walking about the village giving out tickets to come to the mission and get food. We nearly walked past this little hut when we happened to look over and see this man and new we had to stop.

The thing that breaks my heart is that the people are starving. So much so that they are rioting over the recent spike in food prices. The cost of a bag of rice has doubled in the past few months and in a country where most of the people live in less than $2 a day, that is devastating. One news source reports that the Haitian people have taken to calling this crisis of starvation "Clorox hunger" because it feels like Clorox is eating away at their stomachs. So far in the rioting at least one UN peacekeeper has been killed and who knows how many Haitians.

Now I could go on and on, and in fact I did but then deleted it and decided to get to the point. I am posting this to ask for your prayers. Please take a moment, just a moment, you can spare that, and pray for the Haitian people. And pray for the group from our church who are planning to travel there this summer. Pray for their safety. Brian will be going with this group and I'm sure he will be blogging about that as the time gets closer. The groups that were to go in April have been told not to come because of the rioting there. Pray for the missionaries there. If you read no other blog today, please check out Heather's blog. I promise it will be worth your time.

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