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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Heroes Among Us

I'm sitting here, supposed to be working on Sunday School and Pine Ridge stuff, but instead I'm watching the funeral of two of our local heroes. Today Cincinnati is burying two firefighters who lost their lives protecting others in a house fire.
Robin Broxterman was a young mother and Brian Schira was just 29 years old. Last week they were alive and well and going about their daily lives like the rest of us. Today they are being buried because they willingly made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of other people, strangers who they did not even know. They are just two of the heroes who put their lives on the line for our benefit every day. Others serve and may never have to give up their lives, but they are willing to if need be.
Firefighters are my heroes. They are just the best of the best.
As a side note that seems inappropriate to even talk about in this post .... the fire department yesterday agreed to come out to Rezonate '08. They will be bringing out the trucks to show off and spending time there. Some of the firefighters/EMTs will also be volunteering their time to provide First Aid at the event. And all of it is to help the Lakota kids and be a service to the community.

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Anonymous said...

I was driving in downtown Cincy yesterday morning, and it was crazy! There were fire trucks from every department within 50 miles of Cincinnati! I've never seen so many uniforms. They had two trucks on either side of a road with their ladders extended to form a point over the road, and had a flag hanging from them. It was pretty neat.