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Monday, April 14, 2008

I Have a Hangover

Did you ever have a day that was so good that it just takes a while to get over it?

Yesterday was that kind of day for me. OK, maybe I get excited too easily, or maybe I get my hopes up too quickly - or maybe it was just a good day. Frankly, I don't want to analyze the thing to death, I just want to enjoy it. (BTW, this is my new little cartoon me)

Last Sunday I spoke briefly to our church to try to sell them on the idea of getting behind a secular rock concert. Not an easy task considering that our church comes out of that old time "holiness" movement that believed that women should aways wear dresses, NO jewelry was to be worn - not even a wedding ring, movies and dancing were strictly forbidden - even Christian movies. This was not so long ago either - when I was a young adult I attended a church within our movement where if you went to movies you were not permitted to serve in any capacity at church. I always wondered who would want to serve in a church like that, but then I guess that explains why I didn't serve there.

Anyway, apparently it went OK last week because people are coming out of the woodwork wanting to be involved with Rezonate '08. We picked up another sponsor yesterday and possibly another one as well. Someone else gave us a $600 donation and a little old lady who can't really afford to give, gave us $60. Amazing. Earlier in the week an online friend (you know who you are ;) gave $118.00 and a couple of weeks ago a young mother who has lost a child (you also know who you are) gave a gift to Backpacks in memory of her son on his birthday. I can't even begin to express what an honor it is and how humbling it is to have people do things like that. It really just blows me away. I really just have no words for something like that ... a "Thanks" seems so inadequate.

Another friend came to me yesterday with a great idea ... he asked if I remembered a radio personality who used to be on the air in our area. I did. Well, turns out, he is good friends with the guy and wanted to know if we would like to have this radio personality introduce the bands and do the MC stuff at the concert. YES, we would like that. Last night I was told he had been contacted and would "be honored" to be a part of it. And it turns out too that this radio personality is good friends with Brian White who will be performing at Rezonate '08. The first time Brian heard one of his songs played on the radio this DJ was the one who played it. Brian drove to the radio station immediately and they've been friends ever since. Brian (White) is now up for the Academy of Country Music "Song of the Year" award and I expect he'll win it.

And another friend said that 3 more bands have contacted us wanting to play the event. We don't need 3 more bands. Actually I have bands out the wazoo who want to play the event. But there is a good possibility that we can get one of the more popular bands in our area to join us. We already have some really great talent lined up ... some that I'm really excited about but can't say who they are yet.

Its looking like this is a go and that it will be a good thing. Maybe even a really good thing. I know I'm excited!

Lots to work out of course but I'm not stressed ... I'm just enjoying it. Looking forward to it even.

And then, the finale.

Last night the Omega Youth were in charge of the service at church. I always love it when the youth do the service. I had my expectations high. Maybe too high. I was a little worried that I had them so high that I might be disappointed but instead - they exceeded my expectations. It was AWESOME! I know, awesome is an overused word but there are just some things that are awesome and last night was one of them. If you missed it, go and weep wildly because you really missed it.

They acted. They sang. They danced (yes danced). Two of our guys played "Wipe Out" on the drums and switched off playing in the middle of the song without missing a beat. It was wild. It was wonderful and the congregation squealed with delight.

Our Kids Doing Wipe Out

And then they did this skit and had everyone in tears. It was powerful. Really powerful. Please take a moment to watch it.

Lifehouse "Everything" Skit: - at first it seems a little weird but watch till the end and I dare you not to be touched. Both of my boys, my big strong, manly boys cried when they saw this for the first time.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thanks for sharing your joy! I am thrilled that things are going so well for REZ'08!!!
I had a good feeling that things would just keep getting better as it drew closer.

Now about Wipeout - That was AWESOME! Both those young guys were so good, the second one has a future in rock and roll for sure!

I recognize the guy playing the guitar...how do I know him? Now I am going to watch the skit. Didn't want to cry till after I saw the Wipeout vid :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

You have some amazing youth at your church! Was that drummer boy (the one with the longer hair) in this as well? Impressive.

Amber said...

Yep, the drummer (with longer hair) is in the last skit too. He also did some sound effects in another skit. He is my other son. I didn't give birth to him but he's mine anyway. I would do about anything for him. The guitar player is his dad and you may recongize him from some of Brian's sermon snippits? I don't know ... he has played professionally too.

hallga77 said...


Last night I typed an elaborate comment to this(which I promtly forgot to send) about how I,for one DID NOT squeal with delight,'cause real men don't squeal with delight we bellow with gusto. However, then I blew the whole real man thing and bawled like a baby at the "Everything" skit.

I don't think the cartoon you does you justice.