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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ireland - Day 4: Achill Island

After leaving Derry we drove down the coast to Achill Island. Along the way we passed through Donegal which is known for its tweed. Daniel, the owner of a small shop there offered us a job as weavers offering to train us. As beautiful as Ireland is and as great as the Irish people are, I am considering it. Daniel gave us a demo on the weaving machine and I bought a beautiful scarf with the traditional Irish design in it.

Ireland looks exactly as you would expect - lots of green rolling hills, stone hedges, sheep and sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny skies. Amazing.

Arriving in Achill Island we stayed at a beautiful little hotel with a view of the cliffs and beach. We also had dinner in the hotel's seaside restraunt which was very fancy - a far cry from a pub.

Here are some pics to show you our journey

Road signs are easy to understand - if you read Galic and can read quickly

Opps... Brain got a bit too close to the edge of the cliff. Its fine though, I'll enjoy the rest of the trip without him

The beach and cliffs across from our hotel

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