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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Brian says it well on his blog but I will attempt to write some thoughts here. I've loved Ireland. I can't think of much about it that I've not liked. Well, I could do with a bit less rain but that is to be expected in Ireland I suppose. Actually, we've had great weather for the most part.

I think I enjoyed Derry the most. I loved walking around Dublin the first day, loved the countryside, loved the castle (who wouldn't), loved all of it, but Derry was most meaningful. Brian mentioned that we always seem to be near where there is a struggle for freedom and as I look back, that is true. I was in Romania just after the communist dictator fell as a result of the Revolution. Brian and I were in the deep South during some major civil rights marches (Forsyth, GA) and we go to Wounded Knee each year. Now we've been in Derry, Northern Ireland. I'm not sure why we are drawn to the places we are.... I really would have to think about that for a while. Right now, I'm too tired to think. Typing on this unfamiliar computer with a really bad Internet connection is enough of a challenge for the moment.

Another strange thing .... the president or prime minister of Ireland (or whatever they call him here) resigned today after 11 years of service. He had been up before the tribunals for accusations that he had some improper dealings in office. In spite of that, the people here seem to like him a lot. He was a key player in the Good Friday Peace Agreement which makes me wonder what impact his leaving office will have for Ireland in the future.

OK, well enough. I need sleep. Tomorrow it's back to the USA. I wish I could say I look forward to going home but would rather stay here a while longer.

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