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Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Saddest Birthday Cake Ever

Today is my youngest son's 19th birthday. Hard to believe he is that old. Harder to believe that I'm that old too. I don't feel much older than 19 myself.

For his birthday he wanted a German Chocolate cake. I made one. And it fell apart in a big way. I think I need a bowl to put this thing in.
OK, now normally I do OK baking. I've made some pretty decent looking baseball cakes, train cakes, and swimming pool cakes for my kid's past birthdays, but for some reason a simple German Chocolate cake ended up looking like a disaster on a plate.

As I was frosting it, it just started coming apart and falling everywhere. The cake wasn't the only thing that cracked up - so did I. Too funny.
I'm making another one. I sheet cake this time. :) But trust me, this mass of cake and frosting will not go to waste.

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