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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Signs & Funny Sights Around Ireland

The Guinness sign is a classic in Ireland. We've seen a million of these.
It says "Stud Fitting". You figure it out.

Brian is choking the poor lamb.

Traffic calming... hmmm... we encountered some pretty stressful traffic so I guess they have to calm it from time to time.

The ever present reminder to drive on the left.

Yes, they do paint the sheep green. We were told that the government used to come in and count the sheep in a field to determine how much to pay the farmer. Well, the Irish being very creative just moved the sheep from one field to another so that sheep were counted more than once which helped out the farmers - until they didn't have enough sheep to turn in when it came time to do that. Now they mark them so they can't be counted more than once.

This was a strange sight. Walking the walls in Derry there was a church with what appears to be a pirate grave in the church graveyard? There must be a story there.

They must serve some strong coffee

This one cracked me up.

Glass doors on the public bathroom ... or as they call it, the toilet. So much for privacy.

And this is the public toilet. I'm not sure why they have a padded back to it. Maybe its for when you need to sit a spell.


Kevin said...

The studs beings fitted in your picture are what are known officially as "reflective (or: retroreflecting) road studs" -- and in everyday language as "cats' eyes". They are similar in function to -- but a little more complicated in design than -- the "reflective pavement markers" used on U.S. roads.

Just though you'd like to know that! :)

Kevin said...

Just thought...

(Post-a-Comment typo blindness strikes yet again!)