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Friday, April 04, 2008

So, We're Home

We got back late last night. The flight from Dublin to Chicago was long but good. Then we arrived in Chicago and were greeted by some of the rudest people in the world (employees of an American airline). I can only hope that people entering our country from other countries are given better treatment. Anyway we got in well past midnight, which was somewhere closer to 5 or 6 am Dublin time. Needless to say, we were exhausted.

Today I'm well rested and I'm getting to wash my hair in my own shower and use my own hair appliances and drink my own coffee out of my own coffee pot - all great things to be able to do, but to be honest, I'm having difficulty being home. I'd rather be in Ireland. I simply wasn't ready to come home - probably because I know it will likely be our last trip there. It took 25 years for us to be able to get there one time. Oh we would go back in a heartbeat but there is always the issue of $$$ That is what will prevent us from going back. Now I know I should just be grateful that I got to go once, which is more than a lot of people ever get to do, but well, shoot, I'm bummed.

Some good things about being home .....

I didn't gain weight! I thought I would. Afterall, I ate fish & chips all over Ireland. The best were at a pub in a little village called Newmarket-On-Fergus.

I ate one full Irish breakfast (which went through me at least 3 times) and we did a lot of sitting in the car. But according to the scales, I didn't gain one pound.

I also discovered that I make good Irish soda bread. About a year and a half ago I found a recipe for wheaten Irish soda bread and have been making it for a while now but since I had never eaten real Irish soda bread, I had no idea if I was coming close or not. It's a bit hard when you don't know what you're shooting for, but you know what - my Irish soda bread is dead on the real thing. If you want me to post the recipe, just ask.

I've also discovered a new snack bar that I like a lot. It is not from Ireland but its good. Not sure if they can be bought in the US but I've emailed the company to see. We found them at Nude, a WONDERFUL little place to eat in Dublin. Nude offers fantastic very fresh food - organic whenever possible - in an ultra-cool, youthful environment. Just off Grafton Street, it’s a great place for a healthy breakfast or a quick snack, with plenty of room to sit down at long canteen-style tables. A choice of soups all come with with freshly baked breads; there are hot wraps - or try the chill cabinet for salads like Caesar or tomato & mozzarella, and cold wraps or soft bread rolls. Freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and organic Fair Trade coffees, teas and herbal teas are all very popular. The Hewson boys both know their stuff. :)

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Kansas Bob said...

I've enjoyed riding along on your journey - your pictures are fantastic.